IPCC Project - Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change Cities at the iEARN Conference


Lakshmi Annapurna Chintaluri


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Lakshmi annapurna Chintaluri

Independent Education Consultant

Carlos Chiu

Colegio de Ciencias

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Carlos Chiu


Session Details

Type: Interactive Workshop

Location: Room 1103

Date: Tuesday

Time: 2:00-2:50 PM

This session is associated with a UN SDG!

Session Description

This workshop will explore the IPCC project - Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change Cities - initiated by the Centre for Global Education, Edmonton, Canada. In this project, students from 14 cities across the world were involved in research, developed blogs about climate changes seen and experienced by them in their cities, and interacted bilaterally and trilaterally with other countries. Finally, one student from each of these countries gathered in Edmonton to prepare a white paper and present it to an audience consisting of researchers, scientists, academicians from 92 countries.

What will educators learn and be able to do at the end of the session?

  • To promote the awareness about the importance of Climate Change [SDG 13] 
  • To promote collaborative learning between countries across different time zones, languages and cultures
  • To build co-operative working culture both among teachers and students [networks]