Girl Uprising at the Youth Summit


Isha Bhagat

New India School

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Isha Bhagat

Isha is from India and a student of class 8. She will be representing a group of 14 students working on the topic - Quality Education for girls.

Soham Laghate

New India School

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Soham Laghate

Soham is from India and is a student of class 8.

Session Details

Type: Poster

Location: Poster Hall

Date: Monday-Friday

Time: Ongoing

This session is associated with a UN SDG!

Session Description

The presenters will display a poster on how India is contributing significantly to the movement of quality education to girls.The students have been working on sub-topics under the theme- Quality Education such as:

1. Girl education and Child labor laws and rights in India

2. Action steps that can be taken by an individual or as a class to ensure that girls have access to quality education

3. Research on different schemes run by the Government of India for Girl Uprising.

What will youth learn and be able to do at the end of the session?

This session will empower the educators and the youth to undertake activities and steps to contribute to quality education in their respective communities.

Additional Session Information

Additional students who work on this project are:

1. Aaradhya Kulkarni

2. Arya Joshi

3. Ishita Shevade

4. Rama Gadre

5. Sanika Jagtap

6. Soham Sahastrabudhe

7. Tanisha Raskar

8. Nikita Palshikar

9. Rudra Mantri

10. Ardra Patil

11. Nidhita Inamdar

12. Maitreyee Biswas