Building iEARN Africa at the iEARN Conference


Hela Nafti


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Hela Nafti

Héla Nafti holds a B.A. in English Literature and Civilization from Sorbonne University,Paris,France. She has been training pre-service and in-service teachers, developed IT content, has worked in the curriculum and exam departments , has co-writtten and evaluated textbooks.

She has been involved in iEARN since 2004 as country coordinator.She is now executive director of TEARN (Tunisian Education and Resource Network,chapter of iEARN ) and she  currently serves on the Executive Council. Besides, she is president of La Ligue Tunisienne de l’education, a network where teachers try to empower youth with 21stskills that would help them acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to build a better world .

Héla Nafti has always been involved in global education, focusing on improving understanding between communities and fostering the values of tolerance, peace and democracy .

Allan Kakinda

iEARN Uganda

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Allan Kakinda

Allan has been a member of iEARN since 2002. He joined iEARN as a student and took part in a number of projects. He later become an iEARN Educator and online course facilitator for the Adobe Youth Voices Project. In 2010, he started coordinating iEARN activities in Uganda together with Daniel Kakinda. Allan currently serves on the iEARN Executive Council and is a member of the iEARN Assembly.

Session Details

Type: Roundtable

Location: Room 1308

Date: Friday

Time: 9:00-10:00 AM

This session is associated with a UN SDG!

Session Description

The African continent is undergoing many important changes at all levels. It is also a continent with huge opportunities for youth and yet these same youth don’t have equal opportunities in education given the high rates of illiteracy. iEARN is expanding in many African countries and we would be very happy to discuss ways to build a sustainable African network with flagship projects. SDGs will be the target goals of this network and getting ideas from active iEARN associations in Africa will be a great incentive to expand our network.

This session therefore intends to bring together all iEARN Country Coordinators from the African Countries present at the conference to discuss ways in which they can work together towards the success and sustainability of iEARN in their countries. 

What will educators learn and be able to do at the end of the session?

  • To bring together all iEARN Country Coordinators from all over Africa.
  • To foster collaboration, networking and connection among the iEARN Coordinators in Africa.
  • To kick start the process of building iEARN Africa.