Advancing Education through Community Outreach - A Case Study of Gayaza High School at the Youth Summit


Rolaida Yvette Kimanzi

Gayaza High School

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Rolaida yvette Kimanzi

Rolaida Yvette Kimanzi is a form 5 student at Gayaza High School with a passion to make a difference in the community. She enjoys reading, swimming, making friends and helping others.

Karen Amumpaire

Gayaza High School

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Karen Amumpaire

Karem Amumpaire is a grade 8 student at Gayaza High School. She enjoys helping others and making a difference in their lives. During free time she and other friends visit a community primary school to tutor maths to the under privileged children. Her hobbies are reading, walking, swimming and making friends

Elizabeth Kamasiko Kwarisiima

Gayaza High School

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Elizabeth kamasiko Kwarisiima

Elizabeth Kwarisiima is a grade 7 student at Gayaza High School. She is passionate about exchanging ideas that can help make the world a better place for all. She and other friends usually visit the community school to help tutor maths to the primary pupils. Her hobbies are reading, cycling and making new friends

Session Details

Type: Poster

Location: Poster Hall

Date: Monday-Friday

Time: Ongoing

This session is associated with a UN SDG!

This session relates to the Girl rising - Education for all iEARN Project!

Session Description

The poster will showcase what Gayaza High School girls do in a community school. In line with SDG #4: Education for all, the school has been sending grade 8 girls to tutor Maths and English once to a nearby community primary school with less privileged  pupils. This gives the girls an opportunity to share their knowledge with the primary pupils and in a way understand the community challenges. The peer educators have helped the school improve on the performance and enrollment over time. The peer to peer education can be one approach that schools can adopt internally where students in upper classes can tutor lower classes with the guidance of teachers. It empowers the students to be peer educators and the chain can continue.

The Community Outreach program prepares our girls to face the community challenges head-on since we are training future leaders. Its important for any community leader to understand the problems faced by their community. 

What will youth learn and be able to do at the end of the session?

On this poster, we intend to;

  •    share how peer to peer education can boost learning in any school or community 
  •    show that collaboration is possible for a community to advance education for all. Creating a just community         begins with simple acts.  
  •   share how a simple community outreach can change life for better. Girls act as role models to this pupils and it     motivates the pupils to work extremely hard.