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Fernando M. Reimers Professor of Practice in International Education, Ford Foundation and Faculty Director of International Education Policy, Harvard University

Fernando M. Reimers focuses his research and teaching on innovative global education policies and programs that help students develop competencies necessary for civic participation and work in the twenty first century. He works also in the area of global citizenship education and in how to align education policies with the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

He teaches a graduate course that examines the core global education challenges and the role of policy analysis in addressing them, and a course that studies innovative education programs and the role of social entrepreneurs in generating and scaling up change. He also chairs an annual Think Tank that examines state of the art practices and programs to help students gain global competency.

He also teaches courses on education policy and educational innovation online through Harvard Extension School. He is a co-chair of Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative.

He directs a cross-national effort to advance the improvement of public education towards greater relevance in supporting students to gain the cognitive and socio-emotional competencies essential to thrive in the 21st century Global Education Innovation Initiative.

Publications and more information about his academic work is available on Fernando Reimers' website.

Reimers is a member of the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, a fellow of the International Academy of Education, as well as a member of the United States National Commission for UNESCO. He serves on the board of several educational organizations and foundations.